If your business is suffering from poor internet connectivity then you may want to consider a dedicated internet connection, also known as a leased line. Keeley Travis can source the best provider for your area and fully manage the process from start to finish. Not only will a leased line give you higher upload and download speeds it will also give you added security, resilience and reliability.

Average installation time of 4-45 days*
Compared to some carriers some of our simplified connectivity can be up and running in less than 45 days.

Choose from either 1GB or 100MB ethernet circuits
Our ethernet circuits accommodate the volumes of data traffic expected in today’s demanding environment while ensuring they are continually safe and secure when in operation.

No Nonsense SLAs for our On-net circuits
We are so confident in our service we offer a guarantee of up to 100% uptime and 1 days credit for every hour if there is any downtime. Our industry leading SLA’s include rounding up to the nearest hour. We also offer free FTTC connections as back up as well as 24/7 365 day support through our UK call centre.

Free Managed Routers
Utilising some of the best hardware available on the market, our ethernet deployments include routers as standard – delivering the right blend of performance, stability, future software releases, and features.

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