It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but for some the art of gift wrapping doesn’t come naturally. With wrapping paper choices becoming wider each year and the expectation of a beautifully decorated gift getting greater – we’re bringing you the best hints and tips to perfecting those festive parcels.

Location, Location, Location

It might not seem like much of a tip but switching your wrapping area from carpet to a hard surface can make a world of difference. While wrapping your gifts in front of a roaring fire and big shag carpet may seem ideal, hard surfaces minimise the number of creases and wrinkles on your wrapping paper.

Know your tools of the trade

We’ve all been there – trying to cut Sellotape with our teeth, cutting strips in advance that then fall back on themselves etc. however, making sure that you have the correct tools can speed up the wrapping process and give you a better-looking gift instantly. Here’s what you’ll need for perfection:

  • Double sided tape – We know you might think that this is an expensive and unnecessary option, I mean people have been using regular Sellotape forever, but using double sided tape helps your presents look professional and creates better lines.
  • Sharp scissors – Blunt scissors won’t cut it when it comes to creating beautiful lines for your parcel. Make sure your scissors are sharp, perfect for gliding down the paper.
  • Medium density wrapping paper – Different thickness of paper says different things – just like the paper in your printer. While some people believe that ‘paper will just end up in the bin anyway’, if you would like to have beautiful looking presents – medium density is the way to go. Thin paper tends to rip easily, while thick paper can bunch and be difficult to get sleek lines.
  • Gift bags – Sometimes we just have to face it – some presents aren’t made for wrapping paper. There’s nothing stopping you from popping a present in a gift bag and decorating that. To put your own stamp on your gift bags, replace the handle with your own ribbon or even wrap the outside of the bag.

Stay organised

When focusing on your wrapping, make sure you’re keeping on top of recipients. If you’re a fan of wrapping first and decorating later, keep a pack of post-its handy so you can remind yourself who is receiving which gift.

Investing in tape dispensers and organisational dividers will also help when trying to get through presents efficiently.

Have fun!

While we’d all like to be known for our exquisite wrapping skills, sometimes it’s not meant to be. Take it back to basics if need be: make sure the gift is hidden from view with paper, include a label with the recipient’s name and a heartfelt message, then present optimistically.

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