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Used Photocopiers

Save printing costs and reduce stress and waste with our refurbished photocopier machines


About Our Used Photocopiers In Manchester

When you lease refurbished photocopiers, you aren’t just saving against the cost of a new model.

With a lease and service agreement, you’re also getting continued support over many years. Buying a box-fresh photocopier from other suppliers can leave you without much technical assistance – not to mention rapid replacements or repairs if something goes wrong.

You’re helping to protect the environment (and enhancing your green credentials) by using repurposed multifunctional office equipment too. Less waste is always a good thing, and your policy towards it is increasingly important to both your workforce and your customers.

Leasing additionally offers more peace of mind. Each of our refurbished photocopiers in Manchester has been cleaned, stripped, and brought up to date with the latest software and hardware. Checks are made. Several tests are performed. And that’s all before we hand it over to you – we then provide a dedicated account manager to offer ongoing help and advice.

Our team fit the lease to your requirements every time, no matter the size of your business. Whether you want a laser printer, fax machine, 3D printer or hybrid model, you’ll find the perfect print solution package with Keeley Travis. Each is based on a low pence-per-copy agreement, meaning that you’re only ever charged for the copies you use.

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The Benefits Of Used Photocopiers

More and more businesses are thinking carefully about how and why they need to use certain equipment. Yet 74% of millennials believe print is still important and has its place in the world of work. Leasing emphasises the benefits of print, and erases any drawbacks.

We’ve supplied a number of more sustainable photocopiers to an array of businesses across the UK.



Used Photocopiers | Keeley Travis Used Photocopiers | Keeley Travis

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We’ve supplied a number of more sustainable photocopiers to an array of businesses across the UK.

Used Photocopiers Benefits

Reduce expense

Spread the cost out

Benefit from photocopier maintenance

Get like-for-like upgrades

Grow your business faster


What Our Clients Say

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Lisa Freeman


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Caroline Denton


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Paul Booth


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