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Business Utilities

Looking for a better energy supplier? Find the most reliable and affordable business utilities options with Keeley Travis.


About our Business Utilities

If you own a business, water and gas or electricity charges are likely to be among your most significant overheads. By paying too much for your utility bills, you may be wasting unnecessary amounts.

The experts at Keeley Travis work with energy companies that are authorised and regulated by OFGEM (The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets). We help both large and small businesses to find their perfect business utilities suppliers and energy tariffs.

Whether you wish to switch business energy suppliers in order to save money, reduce energy usage or both, we can help you to compare quotes and find the utility specialists and tariffs that are best for you.

This way, you won’t pay for any energy or services you are not using, making your business utilities far more cost-efficient.

We’ll also help you to manage your utilities accounts, saving you time and stress.

Reduce your energy bills and usage with our hassle-free utilities management solution.

Benefits of our Business Utilities service

Be savvy with your utility accounts by switching to suppliers offering tariffs that suit your business. According to OFGEM, around 78% of small businesses changed their supplier in the last five years to save money. 

Exploring offers and tariffs can be time-consuming and stressful. However, if you use a specialist service to find the best business gas and electricity or water suppliers for your company, you may just improve your performance without having to do all the legwork.

  • Greater control over your energy usage
  • The potential to make considerable savings
  • Advice regarding the different fixed rate and variable energy plans available
  • The ability to switch energy suppliers quickly and easily
  • Expert guidance regarding all matters – including additional costs such as standing charges
  • Assistance when analysing your current energy usage and costs in order to find a better deal

Why choose Keeley Travis?

Numerous options to choose from

Keeley Travis will help you to find the very best energy provider, whether your business uses gas, electricity or dual fuel as well as your water supply. To ensure you’re getting the best deal, we’ll introduce you to a wide range of options we think will suit your company.


Comprehensive support throughout

Don’t worry about losing track of your energy account – our customer service specialists will ensure you always know what is going on. You can give us a call at any time to ask for help or advice.

An up to the minute roster of suppliers and tariffs

When it comes to the most recent tariff changes and supplier options, we’re always up to date. That means you’ll receive totally accurate, thoroughly researched advice throughout your search for the best utility services.


Simple, easy bill management

With Keeley Travis, you’ll always know exactly what services you are receiving, how much it costs and when each amount is due. We’ll keep track of your account for you and consolidate your bills, so it will be even easier to work out how you could save a little more.

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Business Utilities: FAQs

What business utility suppliers do you compare?

We use our tight-knit supplier relationships and compare the big six energy providers, along with specialist energy suppliers so we can find the best deal for you.

I need to renew my business utility contract, won’t my current supplier be the cheapest?

Energy rates are always changing, so it’s important to compare business utility prices at renewal to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal, whether you’re looking for a cheaper tariff, or better customer service. Since suppliers are no longer allowed to have automatic rollover contracts, they can’t charge exit fees or include no-exit clauses.

What is a “fixed” business energy tariff?

Fixed business energy tariffs are prices that remain the same throughout the duration of your contract. These are a good option for those looking for a bit more financial security, as it can make budgeting and forecasting easier.

These types of contracts can sometimes be more expensive though, as some suppliers may charge more in case of drastic market changes.

What is a “variable” business energy tariff?

A variable business energy tariffs means your unit rate can change based on market changes. If you’re on a variable tariff, your supplier must give you 30 days notice before they put the prices up. This gives you time to switch energy suppliers if you want to get a better deal.

How long will it take to switch business utility providers?

Unlike the domestic utility market, a business cannot switch immediately unless you are not in a contract, and you cannot register with a new supplier until 28 days before the end of your current contract.  It’s important to have all the details about your current business utility provider to hand when switching, so you can ensure the switch will be as smooth as possible.

Can Keeley Travis help me switch utilities while moving business premises?

Yes! Whether you need new connections or new business utility contracts, our team can help make your move as seamless, and cost-effective, as possible.

I’m looking for an all-in-one business solution, do you provide services other than business utilities?

Keeley Travis is a one stop shop for business solutions. Alongside our business utility solutions, we can assist you with finding ultra fast business broadband, modern business phone systems, or the best deals on business mobile handsets and tariffs. Our managed print services can help you reduce print costs and increase efficiencies. We also stock a huge range of office supplies and equipment, including stationery, and office furniture. Get in touch to see how we can provide you with an all-in-one solution for your business.


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– Lisa Freeman


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