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Business Broadband

Take control of your online solutions and improve your connection speeds with Keeley Travis’ business broadband management.


About our Business Broadband Solutions

Internet for business can be a major expense, and a poor broadband connection can cause real problems for you and your customers.

Without a good internet connection, access to emails, cloud-based systems, online databases, research materials and often even cash handling software is simply not possible.

The team at Keeley Travis knows how important it is to provide regular, unimpeded internet access and great download speeds. That’s why we work hard to implement the very best business broadband management options, including the implementation of a “leased line”.

This solution, along with solutions such as free FTTC connections, will vastly increase your download and upload speeds. Your phone line can also be connected, significantly reducing the likelihood of any communications outages.

We’re so confident in this service that we offer a guarantee of up to 100% uptime and one day’s credit for every hour of downtime (rounding up to the nearest hour).

We offer free managed routers as standard for ethernet connections. You can choose between 100MB and 1GB circuits so that you can handle the correct volume of traffic.

Benefits of business broadband

Currently, around 30% of businesses are achieving broadband speeds of between 30 and 100 Mbps (megabytes per second), while more than 16% are getting over 100 Mbps. This is a significant leap from just 5% and 4.6% respectively in 2010.

As high speed internet becomes more and more readily available, it’s becoming steadily easier for you to give your company a boost by investing in a broadband and phone line connection of this kind.

Whether you run a high-grossing company with thousands of employees or a small business with just a few others, there are many reasons to invest in business broadband management.

Business Broadband Benefits

Improved in-house connectivity

Better communications all round

Dedicated broadband account managers

Why choose Keeley Travis?

Specialists in business broadband

Many providers spread themselves between domestic and business broadband packages, which have higher contention rates and see their capabilities stretched at peak times. We focus on finding you broadband solutions that focus purely on business.

Top-quality support

Our team specialise in providing comprehensive support to our customers whenever they need it, so when you call us, you know you’ll always have a helping hand if a technical problem arises.

Total transparency

We’ll tell you the broadband speed you can expect from each provider we recommend. You won’t be charged for anything you don’t receive.

Security is our priority

We understand how dangerous data breaches and malware can be for a business, so all of our available broadband deals come with optimum protection.

Business Broadband | Keeley Travis Business Broadband | Keeley Travis

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Business Broadband

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'A pleasure to deal with in all areas of our mobile phone contract, from initial offer to finalising the deal all questions have been answered with no fuss. The team have gone out of their way to help us set up the new contract and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others. Thanks for all your help!'

Lisa Freeman


'Keeley Travis looked at our past mobile phone usage in order to find plans suitable for each of our staff members, which greatly reduced our costs. When we changed networks they ensured that everything went smoothly and were always available to deal with the small issues that cropped up when we upgraded our handsets.'



'The team at Keeley Travis have gone above & beyond for us and made the whole process hassle free, couldn’t recommend them enough!'

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