7 Ways to Save Money on Your Business Utility Bills

Whatever your company?s practices, energy consumption is bound to be one of the most significant detractors from its bottom line. In this article, we?ll explain how to save on business utility bills and offer tips on how to:

  • Arrange energy audits
  • Insulate buildings
  • Install long-lasting light bulbs
  • Install smart meters
  • Use motion detectors and automatic timers
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Find the best business utilities provider

As a business owner, it’s likely that you often look for ways to save money on your overheads. This will help you to conserve funds that could instead be used as wages or in the development of products and services.

Most businesses face considerable charges for cold and hot water, gas and electricity.

One highly effective way to save money is by reviewing these utility bills and looking into potential energy savings. While this is often seen as a daunting, complex and time consuming task, there are actually a number of straightforward approaches you can take.

In this article, the business utility experts at Keeley Travis will guide you through a number of techniques you can use to reduce energy consumption, cutting your energy costs and reducing the environmental impact of your business premises at the same time.

1. Arrange energy audits

Keeley Travis can investigate your current energy usage and identify areas where less power could be used, or where you may be able to arrange for that energy to be provided by a less costly supplier.

They?ll measure your consumption, compare energy suppliers and look at your current billing arrangements to see where improvements can be made. They?ll then then report back to you and explain the steps you might wish to take.

2. Insulate buildings

There will be a great deal more pressure on your heating systems if there are thermal leaks around your premises. In order to reduce your energy bills, you may decide to improve insulation in certain locations.

You may know of the problem areas already. However, to be absolutely sure of heat retention weak spots, you may wish to arrange a thermal survey – in which specialists use infrared cameras to detect leaks.

Once you?ve analysed your buildings, you may wish to add more insulation to prevent heat from escaping in the future.

3. Install long-lasting light bulbs

A really simple and affordable change you can make is to switch to more energy efficient light bulbs. While energy saving bulbs can help you to reduce your consumption, long-life bulbs will mean you ?burn through them? at a slower pace.

This means you?ll need to buy fewer, resulting in greater savings.

4. Install smart meters

More and more energy providers are making the installation of smart meters a mandatory requirement, but others offer them as an opt-in feature.

Choosing to install a smart meter can be highly beneficial to your business, as these devices automatically record your energy usage, providing you with clear information about your consumption and helping you to discover where you could cut back.

They also send accurate readings to your providers, so you?re not stuck on a fixed rate which may result in you paying for more than you?re using.

5. Use motion detectors and automatic timers

There are numerous devices available that can prevent you from lighting unused spaces. Motion detectors are extremely useful, as they?ll only turn on lights in spaces when they become aware of movement.

This reduces energy consumption and reduces the risk of lights being left on by mistake.

Automatic timers are extremely helpful too – particularly if you run a business that observes strict operating hours. You can set heating and lighting timers to switch on early in the morning in time for the arrival of the cleaning team, then arrange for everything to turn off at the end of the day.

6. Upgrade equipment

Some devices and machines become less energy efficient the older they become. It?s a good idea to check equipment regularly to make sure it is performing to the best possible standard.

If not, it may be advisable to replace it – as this small immediate expense may reduce your long term costs. Keeley Travis can provide energy efficient equipment and keep an eye on its maintenance for you, letting you know when it may need tweaking or upgrading.

7. Find the best business utilities provider

Many people decide against seeking out better options for their utilities because they?re concerned that it will take too much time and effort.

However, there are specialists out there who can help you – automatically letting you know how energy much you?re using and whether you could save money by deciding to switch energy suppliers or make certain changes.

The team at Keeley Travis are experienced energy managers who can handle all of your utilities under one account.

Not only will they assist in your efforts to save on business utility bills, but they can also help you switch to environmentally friendly renewable energy sources and consolidate your bills so that everything is easy to keep track of.

The team will work hard to ensure that your business receives the very best rates for energy, water and other utilities – frequently researching suppliers to get great deals.

To save on your company?s energy bills, you can arrange audits, improve insulation, replace light bulbs, install smart meters, motion detectors and timers, upgrade outdated equipment and switch utility providers.

For more information on the services offered by Keeley Travis, simply contact the team today.