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Managed Print Services Choose our managed print service for reduced printing costs and total peace of mind.


Customer focused service contracts

Alongside our office copier leasing, Keeley Travis provide managed print services to help you further reduce the cost of your office printing. 

When you join the dozens of other businesses using our managed print service you will benefit from:

  • Ongoing support in terms of servicing, maintenance and repairs, including:
    • Regular servicing to keep your copiers running at optimum performance
    • a MAXIMUM 4 hour call out time to ensure your business is not disrupted should anything go wrong
    • Free replacement parts as and when required
  • Pay per print – you only pay for the pages you print at a pre-agreed price with free supply of toners when required, so you never need purchase them again
  • Automated toner usage monitoring – we monitor your ink use and send replacement cartridges BEFORE they’re needed so you never suffer downtime

As approved partners of Konica Minolta, UTAX and Canon (for large format printers) our engineers are fully knowledgeable about the all the hardware we supply, giving you total peace of mind. 

We maintain strong relationships with numerous long-term clients as a result of our dedicated and responsive services and our superb track record.

We can relate to the requirements of each customer, and we have experience supplying equipment and delivering managed print services to multiple sectors, so we know the challenges and opportunities. We provide a real-world point of view which our clients appreciate and respect.

Benefits of Managed Print

  • Remote monitoring of your technology
  • Pre-emptive fault avoidance
  • Automated toner supply
  • Improved productivity of your workplace
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced environmental impact

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Why choose Keeley Travis?

Our team will discuss your managed print requirements with you in detail, analysing your current activity and immediate needs and helping you to choose from a range of print, document management and workflow solutions to find a system that will work for you.

We’ll help you to futureproof your services so that you can plan for expansion, adaptation or the integration of additional features – such as the use of mobile devices when printing.

Get tangible benefits from managed print services

Shockingly, printing solutions are estimated to be the third most costly overhead, with only rent and employee wages demanding more expenditure. Reducing these costs can make a huge difference to your company. Time is money, whatever your line of work, so any approach that reduces the amount of time spent on print-related admin is a cost-saving exercise.

Managed print services will help your business to keep equipment regularly maintained – which means that the number of expensive repairs and replacements are likely to be reduced. This often leads to a significant drop in print costs.

Easy to use managed print software

The managed print software we use (Document Navigator, Docuware and Dokoni Find) is simple to manage and always up to date. Our solutions can integrate seamlessly with your existing processes.

Environmentally conscious

We care about the environment and understand the negative impact that printing can have in terms of conservation. We make sure that our approaches avoid environmental damage wherever possible.

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