Future proof your small business with PhoneLine+

With BT set to terminate ISDN and Public Switch Phone Network (PSTN) services in 2025, effectively killing off the analogue phone network, businesses need to source an alternative now before they either lose their landlines completely or get charged sky high prices to switch nearer the time.

Fortunately Keeley Travis have the solution with PhoneLine+.

What is PhoneLine+?

As a small business owner your phone number is essential to you. Your customers know it, you’ve advertised it widely to attract new customers and the idea of losing it is unimaginable.

PhoneLine+ has been designed to replace your analogue landline service using Voice over IP (VoiP) technology at a highly competitive price whilst retaining your precious phone number.

By switching to PhoneLine+ your calls can be accessed via the broadband or mobile internet network on a variety of devices, including computers, tablets, mobile phones or we can even adapt your current phone so you don’t need to invest in new equipment.

All your existing features like voicemail, call divert and call hold are supported, all with no extra cost.

PhoneLine+ will protect your phone number and communications when the analogue network is switched off and is designed to make your life easier.

The Benefits of PhoneLine+

PhoneLine+ brings with it several benefits on top of future proofing your business. Our partner, Gamma, spoke to hundreds of small businesses like yours and discovered the biggest challenge facing them was time; or rather the lack of it.

Better time management and increased productivity are the goals – PhoneLine+ is the solution.

Answer anywhere

Being tied to the landline in order to take phone orders, bookings or deal with enquiries means you’re not always where you need to be. PhoneLine+ can be loaded onto your mobile phone, your laptop, your tablet – irrespective of platform – so that when a call comes in, as long as you’re logged in, it will be passed to the device. You’re free to answer from wherever you are.

No waiting

There’s no need for engineers to set up or install anything with PhoneLine+ Once you’ve signed up you get an email, install the app or client on the device(s) of your choice and away you go.

Easy to use

There’s no learning curve with PhoneLine+. Everything is set up to be familiar with recognisable icons and a simple set of functions to access quickly. And if you DO get stuck, there are guides right within the PhoneLine+ app to help you out.

Instant changes

Call management functions like voicemail and call forwarding are easy to access, change and they are saved automatically, so you can manage your calls from anywhere, at any time, ensuring you don’t miss that all important call.

Contact storage

PhoneLine+ has an in-built contacts section so you can store your important business numbers – key suppliers, best customers and colleagues, for example – access them quickly and check call activity for missed calls. Contacts can be kept private or shared with colleagues too.

Better customer experience

With all this time saved you are free to service your customers – but PhoneLine+ can help here too. When a customer calls you have a range of options available to you to ensure they receive a high level of service and a seamless experience.

  • Call divert – if you’re busy you can choose to have calls forwarded to a colleague or an external phone. Choose to have the number displayed and the call announced in such a way that it is answered appropriately every time. This works especially well if you’re diverting calls to your personal mobile – you’ll know instantly if it’s a business call or a personal one.
  • Voicemail – record a personal greeting or choose from previously set messages that can be stored in your media library. Set an out of hours message or a “back in 5 minutes” type message for when you simple cannot answer. Managing customer expectations in this way will go a long way to forming a lasting relationship.

100% Future Proof

While PhoneLine+ will future proof your phone line, it is future proof in itself. The software based solution will be be updated and maintained remotely by us in the background, safeguarding your business as technology evolves. PhoneLine+ is password protected so yours and your customers information is totally secure.


Safeguard your phone and your business now with PhoneLine+:

  • KEEP your phone number
  • ENSURE your post-analogue connection
  • Receive calls ANYWHERE
  • IMPROVE your customer experience
  • All at a LOW COST

Speak to Keeley Travis today about upgrading to PhoneLine+ by calling 0161 683 4247 or email sales@keeley-travis.co.uk