Have you noticed recently that pubs have swapped their plastic straws to paper straws?

The world’s annual plastic consumption is almost 100 million tonnes. These straws float to the bottom of the seabed. Due to the fact they are non-recyclable they will stay there forever, with no one to collect them. This can harm animal life; therefore companies are looking to change their behaviours when it comes to single-use plastics.


How much plastic do we collect?

The below map indicates how many different types of plastics each council collects in the UK. Across Manchester, where Keeley Travis is based, 5 – 12 different types of plastics are collected.

47% of people disagree at home about what they can recycle when it comes to plastic and the types of plastic packaging that can be collected from your home. Most councils will recycle, detergent bottles, drink bottles, milk bottles and toiletries & shampoo bottles. The least likely plastics to be recycled by the majority of councils are plant pots and expanded polystyrene packaging.

Let’s save the hassle and become less stressed by saying goodbye to single-use plastics and saying hello to reusable containers i.e. drink ware and bottles.

Tips and Tricks

  • Reusable drink ware – cutting down on plastic is easy when you have a reusable water bottle. It is estimated by 2050 that there will be more plastic in weight in the ocean, than fish. Plastic bottles tend to have toxins in which can affect your health.
  • Carrier bags – Save yourself money and the environment by investing in a 20p reusable bag from your local supermarket, rather than the 5p charge every time you take a plastic bag. However, there can be a problem with this…you might forget to bring yours when you are out and about on a food shop. Fold up material bags can slide easily into your backpack, so you never forget again.
  • Bamboo – this is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic that is naturally organic. It is versatile, reusable and looks slick.
  • Keep your cups – treat yourself to an insulated, reusable mug! Every year 16 billion takeaway cups are used in Europe.
  • Switch to environmentally friendly products – Recycled paper, pens, pencil etc. You can pretty much get recycled anything these days. Eco-friendly branded products i.e. reusable bottles and tote bags, will help to enhance your business in a good light as the majority of consumers prefer to buy from green companies, but also is a product they can use in everyday life.
  • Share the knowledge – Educate your friends, family and co-workers with all things reusable and single use plastic free. Knowledge is power and sharing the environmental benefits can help to make small changes along the way.


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