As we officially say goodbye to winter and start to welcome in the bright mornings of spring, it is seen by many as the perfect time to freshen up and have a good old clear out. Cleaning and organising can seem like a tedious task but it’s necessary and you will feel much better afterwards.

Take the opportunity to get organised and to improve the environment in more than one way; your work environment and the world outside your office. It is undeniable that global warming and greenhouse gases are a threat to this world but it is easier than you think to help out from your work place.

Try out our top tips for keeping motivated and eco-friendly as you get cracking with the spring clean.

1) Open Windows

Open your windows. All of them. Once the weather starts to improve, give the room a few hours to let in some much needed fresh air and clear out the stuffiness. This is cheaper and better for the environment than putting on the air conditioning and will work just the same.


2) Organise and Throw Away

Empty all of your drawers, cupboards and shelves and go through everything. Although this may be time consuming, it is a superb way of getting rid of space wasting documents and resources that are no longer relevant. You can recycle paper either as scrap paper for taking notes, shred it to use as packaging protection, or recycle fully so it can be remade into paper.


3) Top to Bottom Clean

Before you put everything back in its place, take the opportunity to dust wipe and polish all of the surfaces. Why not try some eco-friendly products and avoid the harsh chemicals? Get rid of bacteria to avoid sickness, hay-fever and give surfaces a crisp clean shine. This will leave your colleagues happy, focused and productive.


There are other things you can do that aren’t necessarily “green” but they will help you stay sane when spring cleaning.

Take Photos

You’d be surprised at how much you can achieve in a small amount of time. Try taking a photo before and after you have tidied and cleaned everything. It will give you a sense of achievement and might also motivate you to maintain the hard work


Listen to Music

Whilst not strictly ‘green’ advice, listening to music really helps can really help you stay focused while cleaning. There are some amazing playlists out there to empower you and TV and film have some fantastic scenes for you to re-enact too. Just try not to get carried away! My personal favourite is Another One Bites the Dust by Queen. You can watch the video here


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