Increased penalties for phone users: How will it affect mobile workers?

////Increased penalties for phone users: How will it affect mobile workers?

Increased penalties for phone users: How will it affect mobile workers?

In the last fortnight, changes have been announced to the penalties and fines incurred from using your mobile phone whilst driving. Despite increasing safety to road users, this also presents challenges to those who use their phone as their principal work tool whilst on the move.

Over the last 14 years, the punishment for being caught using your mobile phone whilst driving a car has increased several times. Beginning with just a £30 fine in 2003, points have been added and the financial penalty has rocketed.

A report from the Department of Transport revealed that despite the crackdown on the use of mobile phones whilst driving, there has been very little decline in people committing the offence. In a further attempt to encourage people not to, it was stated that the fine would now be increased to £200 and also include a penalty of 6 points.

There are many people across the country, in various industries that use their phone throughout their work day. Many people use their phone whilst also travelling from one location to another, and another, and another. For those working remotely and visiting different sites, clients or events, not using a mobile phone for long periods of travel could seriously affect the efficiency and productivity of the day.

Here at Keeley Travis we are strong believers in the use of phones for work purposes. Our various tariffs for business phone plans or sim contracts aim to make communication and connectivity even stronger.

So what can you do to ensure you are following the law and yet can still work effectively on the road?

Driving long distances may make you unable to answer your phone for a period of time, but experts also advise taking breaks from driving. Why not pull over, check your messages, emails, and make any quick calls before setting off again?

Many phone calls are made in place of having access to a computer. Talking to someone can be quicker and more communicative than emailing. However having a link to the Internet with a USB dongle from Keeley Travis will let you plug in with ease and get access to any emails or web content, cutting down your number of phone calls to only the essential.

Finally, perhaps the best option is the use of Bluetooth headsets or in-car phone holders. Use your phone to your heart’s content, all whilst having both hands safely on the wheel of the vehicle.

Call us on 0161 683 4247 to talk to our team about our business phone tariffs, mobile broadband options, or tech accessories. We can asses which resources or products would help you the most and which ways to adapt your work with the use of mobile phones.

What are your thoughts on using mobiles whilst driving? Do you work on the road? How will these changes affect you? Let us know @KeeleyTravis

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