Let me ask you a question. When did you last clean your keyboard?

I mean really clean it, beyond a quick flick of a duster. We are all guilty of not giving our desktops a deep clean on a regular basis. It’s difficult to be vigilant of the germs around us when we can’t see them, but with 80% of common infections being transmitted by touch, it is important to be pro-active in the prevention of office spread bacteria. Today we open up a conversation about the germs accumulated on the average desk.

Are you feeding and watering your keyboard?

Just like a plant, your keyboard needs to be looked after. Have you ever thought about how many surfaces you touch a day? Well it might surprise you to know, that recent studies show the average office desk is 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat! You wouldn’t eat your lunch over the toilet, yet so many workers eat their lunch at their desk whilst crumbs fall into their keyboard. Have wipes on hand in your desk draw to make sure you can quickly clean up afterwards.

What does that mean from a health perspective?

Ah, it’s no big deal – it’s just a cold. That cold started from a number of germs, but that could also turn into something worse! Put a stop to it now. Productivity is likely to decrease and the rate of absenteeism increases, when people fall ill. Over one year in the UK, 131 million days were lost due to sickness, this costs the economy £29 BILLION – what a waste!

Millions of people across the world spend most of their life cooped up in a small office space near other people. Making them a prime source of germs, most sickness can be avoided by putting in place actions to stop this spreading.

Time to promote a healthy and hygienic office environment

Both management and staff are responsible to ensure the workplace is a healthy place to be. Starting at the top with managers who need to communicate the facts and provide cleaning products such as soap. Bins should also be provided to keep the desk area tidy. Employees should therefore take these resources they have been given and put them into use.

So … avoid illness by washing your hands regularly or even carrying antibacterial hand gel around. Disinfect your hands after using the kitchen and bathroom. Clean your equipment, including your phone, and if you are unwell, STAY AT HOME. There is nothing worse than the spread of bacteria! Oh, and one more thing, we know it is hard, but if you eat away from your desk, it will do you the world of good.


Whatever’s on your mind we’d love to hear from you. Make it your mission to give your desk a deep clean at least once a week. We have a range of cleaning products specifically designed for keyboards, computer screens and more! Call us on 0161 683 4247 or emails us at sales@keeley-travis.co.uk for more information on how to become squeaky clean in the workplace.