When you roll into work, the least you expect is to turn up to a safe environment. You spend a good chunk of your life in the office and need to feel comfortable being there five days a week. The law states that employers are responsible for health and safety within the business and for the welfare of their employees. It is the duty of the employer to control any potential risks within the office and ensure that their employees are protected from any potential dangers. Procedures must be put in place to control the environment and avoid risks.

Risk assessments are necessary and need to be carried out to assess potential hazards. Employers are at liability to inform employees about risks and train them in how to deal with dangerous situations. Consultations should be given to employees and within this an explanation on how they are covered by their place of work. Should an employer not be carrying out legal responsibilities in the workplace, workers have the right to complain to HSE (Health and Safety Executive). The Health and Safety Executive are the legal body responsible for enforcing health and safety in the workplace.

Should a company employ five or more people, there must be an official document of the risk assessment with a contingency plan in place. As well as these documents, a formal policy regarding health and safety and what is in place to protect employees should also be created.

Legal Requirements

No matter how many employees there are, a business must enforce the following:

  • Create a safe work environment
  • Prevent risks to health
  • Guarantee equipment is safe to use
  • Inform employees of potential dangers
  • Create contingency plans
  • Provide first aid kits and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Place warning signs accordingly
  • Report accidents
  • Ensure fixtures and fittings meet health and safety requirements

Legal Reporting

While not all workplace incidents need to be reported, it is necessary in some cases, such as:

  • Dangerous episodes
  • Major injuries
  • Work-related deaths
  • Work-related diseases

Safe work environment

Employers should ensure that the office is appropriately ventilated with temperatures kept at a comfortable level, as well as keeping workstations clean and making sure equipment works suitably. Providing enough space for movement and light for visuals is vital; not only is this safe but it also enhances wellbeing in the office.

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Keeping employees happy lessens risks as efficiency and productivity increases. Therefore, providing workers with the correct holiday entitlement and a break out area for rest breaks will keep them more alert and hopefully avoiding dangerous situations.


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