Compatible toners are brand new cartridges that have never been used before and are made by third-party manufacturers. They have no association with the manufacturers of the printer in question.

The Facts...

The biggest advantages of using compatible toners are that they give good quality printing at a reduced cost, over branded cartridges. As they have components that are recycled they are eco friendly and come with a biodegradable cartridge. Finding good compatible toners at a low cost is not difficult, but always ensure that you purchase from a supplier that have guarantees and returns on their websites.

However, there can be disadvantages to compatibles including the lack of quality control during the manufacturing process. If you are buying them online you can never be sure on how reputable the supplier is.

If your printer has been purchased within the last 12 months, by law manufacturers legally have to give a 1-year guarantee on any electrical products.

What happens if my printer breaks due to an ink cartridge?

The supplier needs to be able to prove that a compatible toner caused an issue with the printer. They should also send an engineer out to you to take a look at the printer. If it is a fault with the printer then they will fix this as standard, otherwise if it is cartridge related issue you should have guaranteed cover in place by the supplier.

If the printer is over 12 months old, there are optional warranties that manufacturers could put in place on their own terms. Meaning that warranty on compatible toners could be void. If this was to happen the following steps should be taken:

Will compatible toners affect my printer warranty?

It is highly unlikely that any cartridge will cause damage to a printer. If you purchase a cartridge from a reliable source they will guarantee machine performance if there is a failure with the cartridge.

A couple of quotes from printer manufacturers, regarding the matter:

Hewlett-Packard Inkjet Printers
“For HP printer products, the use of a non-HP ink cartridge or a refilled ink cartridge does not affect either the warranty to the customer or any HP support contract with the customer. However, if printer failure or damage is attributable to the use of a non-HP or refilled ink cartridge, HP will charge its standard time and materials charges to service the printer for the particular failure or damage.”

“Non-Samsung laser print cartridges: If a non-Samsung print cartridge is found to be the direct cause of printer failure or damage, Samsung will not cover the repair related to that non-Samsung cartridge.”

So in essence, using compatible toners will not affect the warranty of your printer should it break, however, most companies will charge for time to come out and fix the printer should it be the cause of a third party cartridge. The quality is almost the same as if you were to buy original equipment from the manufacturer, just at a lower cost and is friendlier to the environment.