According to the NHS, we’re currently in the peak of cold and flu season (fantastic, I know). That’s right, December to March every year becomes a window of low productivity, sick days, and feeling miserable.
You’re most likely to pick something up from the office, too. It turns out that working in proximity with lots of people in an air-conditioned room 5 days a week and picking up germs and viruses go hand in hand – who knew? But it doesn’t have to be this way! Of course, a must is to ensure that your vaccinations are up to date way before cold and flu season even begins but doing so won’t mean that you’re completely protected. It’s still important to practice good hygiene and ensure your work environment is clean, safe, and productive.
At Keeley Travis, our products are designed to do just that. Our range of janitorial and signage help you maintain a germ-free office to reduce sick days and boost productivity. Carry on reading our top tips and learn how to beat cold and flu season once and for all.

Keep your desk space spick and span

We know it’s important to clean the office, but where do you start? Well, it might be best to begin where you spend most of your day, and it’s been under your nose this whole time! Yes, one of the filthiest places in an office is your desk, and this is especially true for those of us who hot-desk and move around more.
This also extends to the objects on your desk. For example, in a recent study the average desk phone was found to have over 25,000 microbes per square inch (for context, the same study found that the average toilet seat has only 49 microbes per square inch). This makes the desk one of the biggest culprits for making you ill but can be overcome by regularly wiping down your desk surface, phone, and any other desk accessories. Having anti-microbial surface wipes handy will help with this, and it would also be beneficial to keep anti-microbial hand gel on standby to stop nasty bugs in their tracks.
The fact is, as you go about your day you will encounter lots of cold and flu causing microbes. You might shake someone’s hand, touch a door handle, or maybe use the printer and by doing so you could become ill. But there’s no need to be afraid of doing these things as there are a couple of basic steps you can start doing today to help protect yourself.

Firstly, wash your hands.

It’s that simple. Before you are about to eat something, wash your hands; after you’ve used the bathroom, wash your hands; after you’ve been photocopying? You get the idea. There’s no need to become obsessive about it, but during cold and flu season maintaining good personal hygiene is an important asset when it comes to staying healthy. Another good idea is to try and avoid touching your face any more than you need to. We all do it subconsciously from time to time, but the eyes, nose, and mouth are where microbes gain entry and can begin playing havoc.
Or it might just be time to take a day off.
Found on good deals for set-up courses of antibiotics (only most common ones). But they state also that each one should be prescribed by the attending doctor. So I thought of getting the course I already had for myself. Do you repeat your treatments time in awhile or you always check with the doc?

We’ve all heard the statistics about the cost of sick days to the UK economy, and some estimate it to be in excess of £18 billion. But if you’ve succumbed to the bugs and nasties out to get you this time of the year, there’s no need to bring everyone else down with you! Going into work when you’re ill is wasted time: chances are, you’re not well enough to be productive and will just make yourself feel worse while potentially infecting all your colleagues so the cycle continues. If you’re ill, allow yourself time to recover and you’ll be back to work in no time.


We hope these tips will help you survive this year’s cold and flu season in the office. Remember to check out our janitorial supplies range to stock up on all the necessities so you can beat cold and flu this year. You can check out our online store and browse our huge range of professional cleaning products by clicking here.