How businesses can benefit from Autumn Statement Broadband promises.

////How businesses can benefit from Autumn Statement Broadband promises.

How businesses can benefit from Autumn Statement Broadband promises.

Last month, Chancellor Philip Hammond promised to deploy over £1billion to boost broadband speeds across the country which will affect 2 million homes and businesses. The Autumn Statement promised clear investment in the digital economy and the backing of infrastructure to improve the connectivity up and down the United Kingdom.

The government’s plans also mentioned funds for 5G superfast mobile networks and catching up in the race to implement the latest fibre optic networks for all to use. As countries like Japan and China soar ahead with technological advances, it is important the UK do the same.

With this investment into better and faster broadband, businesses are going to be better placed to attain more from opportunities arising from future digital services.

So what does this mean for you?

You can now take full control of your business communications by combining your landline service with a superb broadband connection. Get both utilities from one provider: Keeley Travis!

Benefit from super fast broadband speeds up to 24MB and generous download packages ranging from 5GB to unlimited. Combine with product options of between 5-30 concurrent calls, prioritised voice traffic across the network during business hours and short duration contracts from 12 months.

Choose the package that suits you and save up to £100 when you switch your landline and broadband to a combined bill with Keeley Travis.

Britain is already the home to one of the most extensive digital networks amongst developed economies but it also ranks as one of the most expensive places for consumers and businesses to use. Companies in every industry are looking for a provider that can supply the service they need at a fair and balanced price.

In 21st century Britain, it is rare to see a business that is not using the internet. From social media promotion, ecommerce websites, and email communication both inside and outside the business, many companies are utilising the web to their advantage on a daily basis.

Broadband down time can seriously affect many businesses and most are seeking out a service provider they can trust, that they can contact quickly, and that is worth the money they pay for it. Despite the importance of using the internet, cost should still be a factor in your choice in provider and shouldn’t be sacrificed for just any old quality of service.

Online and phone communications are so often linked and both are crucial for the running of a business. Why not save time and money by having both imperative services from a place you can trust, that offers you 24 hour support, and that is at a price that you’ll love.


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