As the digital presence grows stronger, it poses the question, are physical business cards still the way forward? We look into why business cards are still important today and why they will not be going anywhere, anytime soon.

  • Digital is impersonal

Networking is vital to growing business, especially face to face. Sending contact information across email is easy, however, it is impersonal. Eye contact and conversations develop real relationships. Taking contact information from a card when you have a picture of what someone looks like improves chances of retaining that information, and gives your new relationship a head-start over a simple email.

  • Effective direct marketing

Potential prospects can bump into you at any given time whether this be during happy hour at a bar or throughout busy industry conferences. Whatever the situation, having a business card on you is a great way to start up a conversation and giving out a physical element from your encounter has a lasting effect. Make sure you do not miss out on a valuable business connection and be prepared with creative business cards that make a statement.

  • First impression of the brand

It has always been said that first impressions are the ones that count. Having a business card that lacks creativity, poor font, lack of information and is on flimsy card does not give the best impression. There are a number of ways you can get creative, with options such as embossed cards or even metal business cards – what a way to start off a conversation with a new prospect! Fancier business cards may cost more than your standard ones; however, they may be the key to new business. Let your brand speak and show that you are reliable, trustworthy, and hardworking.

  • Creative cards are passed around

Having a business card that has a different texture or look from the norm is a talking point for the person you hand it too. That prospect could show it to other colleagues or at networking events with more prospects, which means you essentially are obtaining free marketing. A lot of people tend to keep business cards that they acquire on their person or on their desk. They may show it off to other people in the office. Make your business cards a talking point and be memorable. Something as simple as this could put you ahead of the competition.

  • Be prepared

Imagine meeting a potential new prospect and you cannot take down their information because your phone battery has died, so you write it on a scrap of paper or a napkin and hand this them. This is not the best first impression to give. You need to be prepared for any encounter.

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Let us know your thoughts on business cards. In the meantime, fill your pockets with some new, creative business cards you can share whilst networking. You can order yours from Keeley Travis today for a special offer of 250 for £24.99! Order yours via the website or give call us a call today on 0161 683 4247 for more information.