Do you ever look around and see a co-worker doing something in the office that really irritates you? You may not realise it, but you could have some habits that annoy them too! In fact, some of these might sound familiar … leaving the lids off pens, leaving your dirty pots in the kitchen or talking on speakerphone.  We look into office based solutions for a range of workplace bad habits…

Bad posture

Poor posture leads to aches and pains, which in turn could drop efficiency levels. Investing in ergonomic products can resolve these health problems and reduce absenteeism. Wrist, back and footrests can keep you comfortable at your desk on a daily basis.  A happy environment is one that is more productive.

Too much coffee, not enough water

As much as we love coffee to keep us going throughout the day, it’s very addictive and not good for your health. Coffee is a leading cause of dehydration and headaches. Next time your colleague offers to make you a cup of coffee, resist the urge and walk over to the tap for some water. If you are not a water fan, no problem, simply add in some squash to give your drink additional flavour. Or if you are worried about sugar content, herbal and fruit blend teas are the latest trend.

Leaving paperwork out

Are documents on your desk over spilling onto your colleagues? With GDPR now enforced, it is more important than ever to make sure you are storing sensitive data in the correct manner. This could be by purchasing Bankers Boxes and lockable storage units for physical documents, or via encrypted USB’s for digital data.

Not cleaning your keyboard

Did you know computer keyboards could be 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat? Keyboard spray and wipes on your desk are vital to fighting those germs away and keeping away potentially harmful bacteria. Take 5 minutes out of your week to make sure you are giving your keyboard a wipe.

Not replacing items

Do you ever send a document to print and wonder why it hasn’t printed out? Nobody has refilled the paper or replaced the ink cartridges, which is frustrating. This can be avoided with a Managed Print Service. At Keeley Travis, we provide customers with a full range of print and document management solutions, which are designed to deliver tangible business benefits and savings in line with future company plans. We are both an authorised Konica Minolta and Utax business partner. Both brands have a full range A3 and A4 multifunction devices that will help improve print quality and business efficiency whilst also reducing operating expenses associated with document output.

Are you guilty of any of these bad habits in the office? If so, why not take note of some of our suggestions on how to get out of these habits i.e. investing in ergonomic furniture. For more information, you can call us on 0161 683 4247 or via our website