Since mobile phones burst onto the scene in the late 80s and early 90s they have increasingly become part of our daily lives. Today, in the age of the smartphone, over 90% of us have a mobile phone, and nearly a third admit to never turning it off.

For many of us, mobiles phones have become integral in our work as well as our personal life. For those working remotely or on the move, a mobile phone is a connection to the office, clients, social media and the internet. Businesses great and small now offer a business mobile phone to allow their team to separate their work and home life but still reap the benefits of a device that can be used anywhere.


As good as they are, mobile phones can also throw a cog into the workings of a business too and we thought we would share our 4 golden rules to business mobile etiquette. Ensuring your day to day use is efficient and professional.

Avoid looking at your phone during meetings.

Even if you think you’re being subtle, checking your phone for texts, emails or listening to voicemails can be incredibly distracting for both the other people in the meeting and yourself. Make sure you are giving the other attendees your full attention so that you don’t miss something important. It may even be seen as rude for you to be checking your phone and that certainly isn’t the message you want to give to clients, guests or members of your team.

Move away to make a call

If you’re talking to someone and your phone rings, ideally you shouldn’t interrupt your face to face conversation. If you need to take the call, explain why the call cannot wait and excuse yourself. Moving even a few metres away shows that you respect the personal space of others and allows you to give the person on the phone your undivided attention.

Keep it simple.

If you have a separate business phone or if you regularly use your phone for work purposes, make sure your ring tone reflects the professionalism you convey. A ringtone says a lot about you and a wild rock song, cartoon theme tune, or silly sound effect can affect how people view you and your business. Try something simple and discreet.

Hold a good reception

Ensure your network is going to give you the best mobile phone coverage at key places of business. Nothing disrupts a rapport on an important call more than when you keep hearing, “Could you repeat that? You broke up there.” If you’re in a bad signal area, hang up and call from a landline or a location with better reception.


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