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Gamma VOIP Phone Systems Save money, stay flexible, and improve the quality of your communications.


About our VOIP Phone Systems – in partnership with Gamma

As the rest of the business world becomes digitised, your phone calls should be no exception.

Traditional phone systems are bulky, expensive, and don’t account for the fact that you want to connect anywhere and at any time. A cloud phone system changes everything. Instead of relying on phone lines, you can create, manage and make those connections over the internet, hosted by an external provider.

Our Gamma hosted Horizon VOIP phone system brings you into the cloud, where video, data and cell phones are integrated with your existing telecoms. Using cloud PBX technology, we’ll provide unified communications for your colleagues, wherever they are.

It’s a hybrid of desk phones and remote digital solutions. You get a web portal, available as a mobile app, to handle a range of features and access controls. When used in conjunction with our business broadband and leased line options the quality is unmatched.

Meanwhile, our support team are always on hand to offer advice or technical assistance.

Soon enough, you’ll be transferring calls between devices with enhanced voice quality thanks to Gamma’s award-winning service. And saving money every time you need to set up a conference call or communicate over long distances.


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The Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

Whether you have a small, medium or large-sized business, cloud PBX calls will transform the cost of your connections.

On average, you’ll save between 50-75% of your communication costs with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). For startup businesses, that rises to 90% of international charges. Since information is processed via data centres – not a landline – you’re paying far less to link up.

And for call quality? A traditional phone system just can’t compete.

For smaller businesses who don’t need a full phone system, take a look at our PhoneLine+ option.

Horizon Hosted VOIP Phone Systems

Horizon is a complete communications service that provides a range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities accessed via fixed line handsets, soft phones and mobile integration.

It promotes flexible and mobile working whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity.

Horizon offers instant call management and reporting, including the ability to scale up and down via an easy-to-use web portal and mobile app.

Only one purchase of the ISO accredited system is required, even for multi-site deployments. Combine this with year-round 24/7 dedicated support and it’s the clear choice for businesses of all sizes.

Who is it for?

  • Small startups to large enterprises
  • Multi-site organisations
  • Companies looking for a service with disaster recovery built in
  • Businesses needing multiple UK numbers
  • Customers who need instant scalability and call management
  • Businesses with seasonal voice capacity requirements
  • Customers who experience a high volume of calls
  • Businesses who don’t already have a PBX, or whose current hardware is no longer meeting their business needs

Horizon Collaborate

Horizon Collaborate provides a unified communications framework so businesses can integrate real time communication tools to enhance business communication, collaboration and productivity.

It offers all the benefits of Horizon plus audio, video and web conferencing, Microsoft Outlook integration, instant messaging and screen sharing and seamless continuity between desktop and mobile.

Your business will benefit from increased productivity, lower costs and service excellence, while your staff will enjoy a fantastic user experience on desktop and mobile, allowing them to be more efficient and effective.

Horizon Contact

For organisations who want to make it easy for customers to engage with them we can provide Horizon Contact, which works in conjunction with Horizon and Collaborate to provide a a cloud based contact centre solution with a shared set of features for front and back office agents.

With a simple licensing model, CRM integration, no requirement for expensive hardware, fast, secure deployment and extensive reporting features Horizon Contact is a true enterprise level omnichannel contact centre.

Why choose Keeley Travis?

We’ll do the leg work

Comparing features and seeking out the best deals can be time-consuming. The specialists at Keeley Travis will take into account all of your requirements and ensure you receive a new phone system that suits your company’s needs perfectly.

Bill management

We’ll manage all of your Gamma bills and invoices for you, ensuring you are able to pay them on time and helping you to save money where possible.

Ongoing support

Our customer service team will always be on hand to offer advice or technical support, whatever the issue, saving you time and stress!

Latest updates

We will ensure that you always receive up to date information regarding your phone system. You’ll be kept in the loop throughout your dealings with us, and we’ll provide access to the latest devices and resources, guaranteeing that you’ll never be left behind.

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