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PhoneLine+ The affordable way for small businesses to protect their phone number and upgrade their services.


Replace your landline before BT do

With BT set to terminate ISDN and Public Switch Phone Network (PSTN) services in 2025, effectively killing off the analogue phone network, businesses need to source an alternative now before they either lose their landlines completely or get charged sky high prices to switch nearer the time.

PhoneLine+ from Keeley Travis is the solution, giving you the ability to not only protect your phone number by switching from analogue to digital but to give it an immediate, low cost upgrade too!

You DON’T need any new equipment, we can convert your existing phone to digital or you can use your mobile, laptop, tablet or similar device.

Switching to PhoneLine+ is simple.


Business Phone Enquiry

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The Benefits of PhoneLine+

Aimed specifically at small businesses but offering plenty of benefits to larger operations too, PhoneLine+ is the future, now. 


PhoneLine+ can be loaded on to any mobile, tablet or laptop, giving you the ability to answer calls from anywhere as long as you’re logged in. No more will you be tied to the landline, giving you absolute freedom to carry out your work.

Instant set up

As soon as you sign up to PhoneLine+ you will receive an email with instructions on where to download the app or client. Just log in and you can make and receive calls immediately – no engineer or hardware required!

Easy to use

There’s almost no learning curve with PhoneLine+. You’ll instantly recognise the icons used in the app and there are handy guides available if you do get stuck on some of the features.

All your info in one place

Store all your essential business numbers with PhoneLine+ then choose to share them with colleagues or keep them private. See the Call Activity log to ensure you catch up on missed calls or add new customers to your contact list.

Simple, fast changes

Change preferences, availability and call management with just a few clicks so even if you’re away your customer service is not impacted.

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