Personal vs Business Mobiles: Why You Should Use a Business Mobile Contract

With the rise in popularity of remote working and the increased necessity for employees to be contactable on the move, there are many reasons why you should use a business mobile contract. These include:

  • Freedom for staff members to move between locations
  • An improved work-life balance for employees
  • Access to top of the range devices
  • Easily manageable accounts
  • Automatic notification of available upgrades

In this article, the business utilities specialists at Keeley Travis will go into detail about the distinctions between personal vs business mobile contracts and the benefits of business mobile plans.

The chief differences between business mobile plans and personal phone contracts are that the elements of each type of package are tailored for slightly different purposes.?

At work, an employee is likely to make a higher volume of calls and may be required to access the internet from any location, so a company mobile phone contract is likely to have better deals on data and minutes than a personal one.

Furthermore, it?s expected that both large and small businesses will want to manage the contracts of multiple mobile phones from one account, whereas the majority of personal plans are expected to support just one or two devices.

As a result, it?s likely that you?ll find the cost of managing multiple phones more competitive when using a business plan than when using a personal mobile phone contract.

So what other benefits are there for business owners who use tailored mobile plans for their employees?

Freedom for staff members to move between locations

If you run a business in which each employee has their own phone for work, but each of those employees are also required to travel – perhaps to customers? homes or between several different premises – then you know that keeping in contact can be a pain without mobiles.

By arranging a business mobile plan, your team members will be able to make and receive calls and access emails from company-owned devices wherever they are.

An improved work-life balance for employees

There are several problems with a company resorting to the use of employees? personal devices for work – including a potential lack of ?down time?.

If staff members have separate work and personal mobiles, they can switch off their professional devices at the end of the day. Colleagues and clients can leave messages on their work phone, but the employee is not obliged to answer outside of working hours.

However, when using the same mobile device for both personal and work-related communications, it can be difficult to differentiate one type of call from another – and tempting for individuals to overwork themselves.

Access to top of the range devices

Companies are often able to get the latest devices for highly competitive prices as part of a business contract – something that wouldn?t be possible when relying on a personal plan.?

This means that, as well as enabling members of staff to use top quality equipment that will help processes to run more smoothly, employees receive something of a benefit in kind – access to a superb mobile phone.

Easily manageable accounts

It?s highly likely that the levels of cybersecurity on your employees? personal mobiles will vary significantly from device to device.?

If you then allow those devices to connect to your business?s networks – or to exchange files and emails with company computers – you may be putting your systems at risk.

With a business contract, you can make sure that the devices issued by your company are loaded with the latest antivirus software, including firewalls and other safety features, to prevent data breaches and malware.

You can also manage access to applications, preventing employees from downloading risky or irrelevant programmes.

Furthermore, you?ll be able to place all company devices on the same payment plan – so employees won?t have to chase you to reimburse the cost of their personal data and minutes each month. All expenses can be paid in one – often more affordable – lump sum.

Automatic notification of available upgrades

Whether you choose SIM card only business contracts or multi-device packages, the customer service team at Keeley Travis will let you know when it?s time to upgrade so you won?t have to keep track.

They?ll seek out the best available offers too, so you can get access to powerful new devices and downloads for the lowest possible price. They?ll also recommend offers from other mobile carriers if they find a better deal for you elsewhere.

Why choose Keeley Travis for business mobile solutions?

Keeley Travis specialises in providing businesses with the best available solutions for all of their operational needs. They?re connected to the biggest providers in the UK, so they can easily seek out the best business mobile packages to suit your requirements.?

Their team of experts provide in-depth technical support and professional advice to ensure that your plan works perfectly for you. They?ll also let you know if there are ways in which you can save money on your monthly or annual bills while enjoying use of the best devices available.

All of their services are available at highly competitive prices, helping you to reduce your business overheads.

See here for further details on Keeley Travis?s business mobile phone services.

The benefits of business mobile contracts include greater freedom, improved work-life balance and access to better devices for your staff, as well as easier handling of accounts and regular information about potential upgrades for your management team.

To find out more, simply contact the business mobile specialists at Keeley Travis today.