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How Managed Print Services Can Help to Save You Money

Business managers are constantly looking for ways to cut costs when it comes to office equipment and other overheads. Managed print solutions can help you to do just that, as this service:

  • Provides regular maintenance
  • Improves employee efficiency
  • Reduces paper waste
  • Reduces the number of running printers
  • Boosts office productivity

Saving your business money is one of the key tasks of the business manager’s job description. A great way to cut costs is by investing in managed print solutions.

This resource refers to the use of outsourced printing specialists who will take care of the management of your print technology – along with related office equipment and materials – on your behalf.

Here, the team at Keeley Travis will explain how managed print is cost-effective and can streamline your working environment significantly.

1. Provides Regular Maintenance

One of the key aspects of Managed Print Services (MPS) that can really save you money is the maintenance plans they offer. All too often, large and small businesses alike wait until printing devices are on their last legs to get them fixed.

Often, this means that whole machines need to be replaced. It risks printers and copiers giving out completely – right when you need them most.

External print management specialists will arrange regular maintenance “check-ups” and can monitor your devices to make sure that everything is running smoothly, so you don’t have to face the costs or stress of a major fault that could have been caught and fixed early.

2. Improves Employee Efficiency

You don’t pay your staff to tinker with printing equipment all day or run around hunting for paper or printer ink – and it can be very frustrating for them too!

We’ve already mentioned maintenance – which will make tinkering and googling fixes less necessary – but outsourced printing solutions will also automatically order new consumables such as ink, paper, staples and other items so that you always have them to hand.

3. Reduces Paper Waste

The document management capabilities of MPS will not only help to lower your company’s printing costs, but will also reduce your impact on the environment.

There will be no more half-printed pages or faded documents thanks to ongoing maintenance services, so fewer of these duds will be binned.

4. Reduces the Number of Running Printers

Another great way in which MPS can help you save on maintenance and electricity bills – as well as freeing up space in your office and streamlining operations – is with the addition of new devices that combine copying, scanning and printing services.

You’ll also be able to access machines with higher capacities that can print in a range of different sizes and styles at a far quicker rate and handle multiple print jobs. This will reduce your cost per page and keep everything running like clockwork.

MPS will also keep you up to date on the newest technology and inform you of software and device deals and upgrades for which you may be eligible.

5. Boosts Office Productivity

By clearing office space, speeding up the printing process, reducing maintenance issues and ensuring that you are always stocked with supplies, your office will have a greater capacity to keep on top of deadlines and focus on the key tasks at hand.

So – Managed Print Services (MPS) can help you to save money by ensuring your devices always run perfectly without faults, preventing your staff from becoming distracted or hampered by printing problems, reducing waste, concentrating your print devices and improving workflow.

To find out more about the ways in which Keeley Travis provide their managed print solutions, or to ask any further questions, take a look right here.

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