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What are Managed Print Services and How Do They Work?

Managed Print Services can allow your business to achieve carefully controlled print management, improved document management and streamlined printing infrastructure. In this article, we’ll answer the following questions:

  • What is Managed Print Services?
  • What does a Managed Print Service involve?
  • How can Managed Print Services help me save money?

If you run a business that relies on the use of printing devices to any extent, it’s highly likely that you will benefit from the use of Managed Print Services (MPS).

These specialist solutions will help you to easily manage your company’s printing hardware – such as printers and faxes.

They will enable you to expand your team’s printing capabilities – granting remote printing access from numerous in-house and mobile devices. You’ll be able to stay on top of supply levels and maintenance too – automatically placing orders to save money and man hours.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to consolidate your printing devices to reduce the need for maintenance, streamlining your systems.

You’ll also have easier access to new, top of the range devices – plus, all invoicing and billing will be managed from one account, ensuring you can easily keep on top of all printing costs.

What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Service solutions offer a straightforward and controlled approach to the management of your business’s printing environment.

The available options can help you to improve the efficiency of existing hardware, including printers, copiers and scanners.

It can also ensure that the transfer of data to and from printing devices is safe, reducing the risk of security breaches.

With Managed Print Services, you’ll also be able to stay on top of supplies such as toner and paper – plus you’ll be able to arrange for regular, timely maintenance of all machines.

Finally, specialists in Managed Print Services can help you to safely dispose of old equipment and supply you with new, high quality, multifunctional devices.

What does a Managed Print Service involve?

While Keeley Travis can tailor their solutions to match each individual client, Managed Print Services generally involve the following steps:

Investigation into needs and requirements

In order to decide which solutions will be most effective for your business, your Managed Print Service providers will examine your current setup and approaches and help you to determine areas in which it could be improved or simplified.

The streamlining of existing arrangements

Having numerous separate devices – individual copiers, scanners and printers, for example – can prove expensive and complicated and will often require more maintenance visits.

The removal of desktop printers and the centralisation of specialist machinery can simplify these matters, saving time and money.

The removal of inefficient elements

By consolidating printing solutions and replacing any items that are not working to the best possible standard, money can be saved, processes streamlined and stress levels reduced.

Automation and remote access

Using Managed Print Services, the arrangement of maintenance and the timely delivery of supplies can be automated. This removes the need for members of company management to keep a close eye on stock levels and focus heavily on the functionality of machines.

It will also enable remote and cloud-based access to printing devices, allowing for successful document output – whatever the location of the employee requesting it.


Because stock usage is carefully monitored using Managed Print Services, companies are able to automatically order equipment in bulk, which can allow for significant savings.

It also means that products of the best quality can be ordered, as management will not be required to source stock at short notice from whatever is immediately available.

Finally, timely maintenance to resolve minor issues may prevent those issues from worsening over time. This can prevent devices from having to be scrapped and replaced when early intervention could have kept them functioning perfectly.

Depending on your requirements, your printing infrastructure can be revolutionised by Managed Print Services in a variety of different ways.

Managed Print Services are a great way to reduce costs and improve efficiency. From the automated purchase of stock and device maintenance orders to the consolidation of print devices, your systems can be easily streamlined and the number of man hours reduced.

Printers, scanners and copiers can be efficiently updated or replaced with more effective models without sacrificing valuable time. Remote printing can be made easier and safer, reducing the risk of hacking.

For further information about the business solutions provided by Keeley Travis, simply contact the team today. Their specialists will be more than happy to provide advice or assistance.

Other services they offer include stationery and furniture supply, business broadband and connectivity options, the provision of high quality phone systems and mobile solutions and plenty more besides.

Read more about the elements of their Managed Print Services here.

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