Cold and flu Survival Guide

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According to the NHS, we’re currently in the peak of cold and flu season (fantastic, I know). That’s right, December to March every year becomes a window of low productivity, sick days, and feeling miserable. You’re most likely to pick something up from the office, too. It turns out that working in proximity with lots of [...]

Wrapping Tips

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but for some the art of gift wrapping doesn’t come naturally. With wrapping paper choices becoming wider each year and the expectation of a beautifully decorated gift getting greater – we’re bringing you the best hints and tips to perfecting those festive parcels. Location, Location, Location It might [...]

Office germ hot spots

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A messy workstation is a breeding site for a multitude of germs, and can become a graveyard for productivity when people become ill. In fact, statistics show that sick days alone cost the UK economy over £77.5 billion a year! Much of this could be saved if all workplaces were clean and germ-free, and it’s easier [...]

Goodbye single-use plastic!

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Have you noticed recently that pubs have swapped their plastic straws to paper straws? The world’s annual plastic consumption is almost 100 million tonnes. These straws float to the bottom of the seabed. Due to the fact they are non-recyclable they will stay there forever, with no one to collect them. This can harm animal life; [...]

Making the most of MPS

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Sick and tired of the printer constantly being on the blink or running out of ink? You're right to have the idea of outsourcing print needs on your radar, but could it save you time and money and when do you know the time is right? In our experience at Keeley Travis, customers who really benefit [...]

Beat the heat

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Have you heard of the ‘summer slump’? No? Well ... the 'summer slump' isn't a new phenomenon - with over a quarter of office workers across the country saying they feel unproductive during the summer months! We all know the common side effects of working in the heat - sweating leads to dehydration, making you more [...]

Workplace bad habits

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Do you ever look around and see a co-worker doing something in the office that really irritates you? You may not realise it, but you could have some habits that annoy them too! In fact, some of these might sound familiar ... leaving the lids off pens, leaving your dirty pots in the kitchen or talking [...]

Does a compatible toner void my warranty?

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Compatible toners are brand new cartridges that have never been used before and are made by third-party manufacturers. They have no association with the manufacturers of the printer in question. The Facts... The biggest advantages of using compatible toners are that they give good quality printing at a reduced cost, over branded cartridges. As they have [...]