What are the Benefits of Leased Line for Businesses?

If you?ve heard of leased lines for businesses – but aren?t sure exactly what that means – read on. This article explains leased line connections and lists the benefits of leased lines for businesses, including:

  • Reliable connections
  • Higher security
  • Improved speeds
  • Lower latency
  • Flexible connections

Are you curious about the benefits of leased lines for businesses? Or are you simply wondering ?what is a leased line??. This article will make everything a little clearer for you, and help you to decide whether a leased line connection would work for your own company.

A leased line is a means by which you can connect your premises privately to another location, particularly one that is far away. It can be used for VoIP telephony, transfer of data files and many other comms upon which your business relies.

Many leased lines rely on fibre optic cable to provide fast speeds at peak times.

So, how could a leased line work for you? The team at Keeley Travis will explain.

Reliable connections

A private line between premises will mean that you can count on your internet connection at all times when sending vital files or undertaking video conferencing to partners or other branches.

Leased lines offer an element of security, which means there is no need to worry about delays or a loss of internet access during time-sensitive information exchanges.

Higher security

Opting for a leased line will also mean that your data files and general infrastructure are more secure than they would be on a public network.

Because they provide a dedicated internet connection and/or phone line between your premises and another location exclusively, the stream of information being shared is harder for a hacker to ?tap into?.

Many MSPs (managed service providers) also implement encryption techniques to secure your leased line still further.

Improved speeds

Because your leased line will only be used by your company and the other body you have chosen, there will be less pressure on the network. This will allow a greater amount of data to travel at faster speeds.

Indeed, thanks to these improved upload and download speeds, you?ll even be able to send large files individually or together without much trouble – something that would not be possible without a dedicated connection.

Lower latency

Typical business broadband usually suffers from high levels of latency – which means that actions take longer to complete after being set in motion. A dedicated leased line will experience less traffic, and therefore lower levels of ?pressure?, speeding up these processes.

Flexible connections

You can choose how much bandwidth to dedicate to your leased line at any one time, meaning the connectivity can be scaled up or down. It?s also possible to use the line for numerous purposes at once, from phone calls to general internet activity to VPN.

The exact nature of your leased line and the services that accompany it will be laid out in the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that are drawn up between you and your Managed Service Providers, so take care to explain everything you require from your line in detail.

A leased line provides a reliable, flexible, speedy and secure line with lower latency levels that will streamline your business comms significantly.

You can find out more about the leased line services available from Keeley Travis here.